Tuesday, December 20, 2011

30th november 2011

the class start as members are grouped to 3 to discussed about the web based group assign..
and the assign's first stage is about..

this  is the main page the item all about what my group have decided and discuss about to do in the assign...

7th of december 2011

wednesday...4pm...7th of december 2011

this is about my group web based group assign present and there were two more about other group...

Friday, November 11, 2011

9th of November 2011 ( Wednesday )

6th of November 2011 ( Sunday )

Wish all the muslims ( especially to Dr fandy,fatimah,mariani,masrul,fiza,azaref,hanim,siti and ayuni ) a very Happy Aidiladha..May ALLAH always bless u n ur family all.


Cuti Pertengahan Semester
5hb - 9hb November 2011

2nd of November 2011 ( Wednesday )

wednesday 2nd of November 2011
the class start with lecture of interaction design...
its about the mechanics of the design and answer the question of HOW SHOULD IT WORK?
it also includes the INTERACTION & NAVIGATION control...

the lecture also includes about..
5 things about the Information Design, that are:
a) message
b) audience
c) purpose
d) background
e) structure

26th of October 2011 ( Wednesday )

26 th of October 2011 ( Wednesday )Today is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY - CLASS CANCELLED

Wish all indians a very prosperous deepavali. For others,wish a happy holiday... 

19th of October 2011 ( Wednesday )

on wednesday and the date of 19th of oct 2011 at 4pm..
the class started with the knowledge of INTERACTIVITY...so what is this about...
INTERACTIVITY is about the user controls the seguence, the pace and most importantly is about what to do and to look at as well as and what to be ignored...

the lecture also contain some knowledge of web navigation, and about how it is different from real world..
then, the class also have some lecture of basic element in interaction design..interaction design's main elements are:
a) its organization
b) its navigation
c) and its interactivity..

Some example of navigation can be seen in  FACEBOOK..
then its about sItE mAp that that users alsways find on the web...the site map is very important as it is for user not lost way  in his/her navigation of web...